Zenning a Macbook Pro

So far we’ve discovered that cloning a Zen image v(ia ZenWorks imaging 7) to a Intel Mac is really easy…if you don’t want to be able to multi-boot or ever repartition the drive from within OS X. (via BootCamp)
Infact, we’ve come across another error message that doesn’t sound good:

Picture 1.png

Yeah, that’s right. Removed the Windows partition after a failed zen imaging and cannot recreate a windows partiton. Originally I had a 15GB partition for Windows, that I tried to overwrite with a zen image. When that didn’t work I deceided to delete the 15GB partition and start again, this time with a 20GB partition. That’s when I recieved the above error. If I went and dropped the partition size back to 15GB, BootCamp would run with out errors. Apparently the 5GB difference contained immovalbe files. But where?

On the onmac.net wiki there is an entry regarding triple booting. The author notes that he recieved a HAL.dll error upon rebooting. We recieved the following error when trying to restore our zen image.

Additionally, it’s of interest that in order to get the Public Beta 2 of Windows Vista running on an intel Mac you need to delete the 200mb EFI partiton.  I am puzzled as to how the computer continues to function after deleting the partition.

We’re getting closer.

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