Bookmark Clearinghouse

I keep my bookmarks organized in a fairly neat manner. Things that I come across that I believe are worth keeping are kept in folders with names such as Apple, Reference, Geek Tools, etc. My inbox as it were is a folder called ToDo. Which is actually a bit of a misnomer, as there’s nothing really I need to do with them…Until now! I’m gonna share them with you. Normally this sort of content is reserved for pay-sites or some sort of complicated registration process filled with free magazine offers. Not today! Here’s the list of current links I have in my ToDo folder, in no particular order.

Oblivion Tweak Guide
Mollie Sterling-Oakleaf’s Blog
Wiseacre’s Flickr
Banning Laptops in Academia?
Websitess As Graphs
Kittens Like FrontRow
NASA-Droids on the ISS
Macworld’s review of the Macbook
Followup remarks from above Macbook article
Multi-Boot OS for Ipods
Delorean + Mac Mini
FFXII English Trailer
Photograph of Earth…From Mars
Sin:Emergence Review
Timkuktu and Skype for remote troubleshooting
Xyle scope, a live CSS editor
Startup key-combo’s for Intel Macs