A bit of the Zoo at home

I have a friend who has a friend who knows someone who had the funniest story to share….

This family has a teenage son who suffers from Down Syndrome. One day he wanted to go to the Zoo, badly. The family agreed and they all packed up and headed to the Zoo. No sooner than they had parked the car had the son ran off into the Zoo. The family had a general idea of where he was headed and proceded to unload the car and tend to the other childern. As they headed into the Zoo their teenage son returns, dripping wet from head to toe. He is visibly shaking even with a jacket on. He tells them, “Cold! Go home now!” The parents, not wanting to spoil the day for the rest of the family, tell him that it’s ok and that there’s a change of clothes in the car. He adamantly responds,”No! Cold! Go Home!” The parents relinquish and everyone piles back into the car.
Upon arriving home the son runs into the home straight to the bathroom where he locks himself inside. The parents figure he was just warming himself up or taking a shower. After about half an hour the parents become concerned and tell the son to open the door. At that moment the parents realize the true reasons behind their son’s erratic behavior. He had smuggled a baby Penguin home from the Zoo.
Yes, that’s right. The drenched clothes, the jacket, and the exclamations of “Cold!” were all because there was a baby penguin stuffed in his jacket. The parents quickly called the Zoo, explained the story and asked what to do. The officials at teh Zoo told them to stay put, don’t call anyone we’ll be right there. Ten minutes later they arrived to retreive the baby penguin.

Now you know why there are guards posted in the Penguin House.