Review: Tearaway from Media Molucule


With a book, you are a passive observer into whatever world’s story you’re reading. You know so much about the people and events and they know nothing of you.

Tearaway uses the unique narrative opportunities of video games to create a story in which the characters are aware of your presence. You are a ‘You’ a being from our world that somehow is able to peer into the world of Tearaway. You meet a messenger who is trying to reach you and along the way you help and guide them to their goal. At least, that’s what you’re lead to believe.

Tearaway is full of gorgeous visuals and brilliant audio. Sounds of paper-folding, tearing, crumpling are matched well with the rough edges of the paper world.

The music was phenomenal. The song “The Traveller” is one of my favorites. But don’t listen until you’ve played! It spoils the surprise.

The voices of the two narrators were spot on. Deliciously textured and were a perfect match for their sometimes quirky appearances.

Screenshots don’t do the quality of the visuals justice. The photos in this review are just that – photos your messenger can take with an in-game camera. A paper camera complete with multiple lenses, focus options and even filters.

The detail and solidity of the world make it oh-so believable – yes even for a world entirely made of paper an inhabited by talking paper craft squirrels. Nothing felt out-of-place or rushed. My only complaint is that I can’s spend more time in the world. Yes I can go back for collectables and trophies, but I want to see and explore more. What I did get a chance to experience was nothing short of breathtaking, humorous, unique, and beautiful.

Tearaway is my game of the year for 2013.


Separate from the merit of this game itself is the unique experience I had playing it with my 7 (nearly 8) year old daughter. It is the first game we played together side-by-side and her first of this genre (action adventure 3rd person platformer) that she’s played to completion.

I’m glad we got to spend time together enjoying the story and telling each other tales about the world. I’m also elated that it was with such a good, positive game like Tearaway.