6 thoughts on “Stop Content Manager Assistant from Automatically Starting at Login”

  1. I think I can shed a little light on part of this for you.

    As part of Sony’s ongoing newfound anti-piracy paranoia, they locked down the Vita quite a bit. See, on the PSP, you go into USB mode and the PSP shows up as a USB storage device on your PC. Simple, but it allows you to put anything you want on there. There’s no way to lock you from putting an exploit on.

    With the Vita, that has changed. Content Manager is the Vita-side application that actually does all the file management. Content Manager Assistant is the PC-side software that exposes a small tree of folders for backing up Vita content. Content Manager won’t let you copy content to/from a PC/PS3 without calling him to verify that it’s not some file that Sony doesn’t want you transferring, and Content Manager/Content Manager Assistant make sure between themselves that you’re on the latest firmware and latest tools so that you can’t work around it.

    …and that’s why it’s called Content Manager Assistant. It’s the “PC-side assistant” to the Vita’s Content Manager.

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