A Quick Rant on Formats and Content

Do you know what I find to be the most frustrating thing about this whole Flash vs HTML5 thing?

Anyone using Flash is in the content creation racket. I’m not just talking about video, but navigation, apps, games you name it. And if you’re creating content you’re most likely concerned wether or not people can see what you’re creating.

I do a lot of browsing on my Mac and iPhone and you know what happens when I come across a flash doohicky that doesn’t work?

I leave.

I don’t bookmark for later. I just walk away.

As someone who develops web content, if people are walking away from the stuff I’m trying to get out there because I have some egotistical hang up about the openness of (insert framework,language,codec here) then I lose  customers, I lose relevance and I lose the job.

If you’re a content creator and you can walk away from however many iPhone users and  iPad users there are, great. But I don’t know too many people who can afford to do that.

(Sidenote: Do you know which application is in the iPhone/iPad/iPod dock by default? Not the App Store, but Safari. What does that mean?)