Best Christmas Present Ever

I am very grateful for the company of my friends and family this holiday season. Their companionship and generosity are something I am truly luckily to have. Gifts do not equal love. I want to stress that I’m not a total capitalist, but I do have one gift that stands out above all the rest that I can’t help mentioning.

Awesome Pen

This pen.
This isn’t just any pen. In fact it’s THREE pens in one. Not just blue or black, but 3 different colors! It’s an awesome translucent neon orange that houses THREE PENS and A HIGHLIGHTER. Now, the manufacturer could have stopped there, but they made it COCONUT scented. It’s like writing while sitting on a beach enjoying a… coconut.

To make it even better it has my familial designation in bold type across it’s side. Like the name of a sailing vessel it boldy claims it’s unique name. UNCLE. This is not a normal pen. It is a pen for UNCLES.

I was given this AWESOME PEN by my neice, Audrey. The story goes that she was good in school and as a reward was able to ‘purchase’ a gift for a family member. Not only am I lucky to have my very own AWESOME ORANGE 3 COLOR UNCLE PEN WITH A COCONUT SCENTED HIGHLIGHTER, but I was chosen to be the recipient of her gift.

Thank you Audrey. I love you and can not express how much I love this pen.