Phoenix: Day One

We made it here in one piece.  We had a ordinary flight, nothing spectacular.  Kari actually fell asleep for about a third of it, so I think she’s ok flying!  The only downside was the 15 minute we sat on the tarmac after landing.  Ugh.

After getting ourselves completely turned around in downtown Phoenix (Dear Jackie, I’m sorry) we grabbed a bit to eat at a local restaurant (warning!  full-sized jpegs ahoy!) then headed over to the Arizona Science Center.  They have a nice setup with lots of things for Kari to do.  Not to mention that they had the Start Trek: The Exibition!

We (ok, really I) had a great time looking at a lot of the original props and costumes from all the Star Trek TV shows and movies.  They had some of Kirk’s original suits, the original communicators…ZOMG NERDGASAM.  But wait, it gets better.  They had the set of the “The Next Generation” bridge that you could walk around.  Kari sat in the Captian’s Chair and I was her Number 1.  Jackie was hiding behind a wall pretending not to know us.


Our room at the resort is nice.  It’s about a half an hour outside downtown Phoenix and therefore very quiet.  It’s built and owned by the Pima and Maricopa Indians.  All in all not a bad place to spend 3 days.

I’ll be updating the blog while we’re here.    You can find all the above photos and more over on my Flickr set.

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