Off to Phoenix

So my last update was about my Adventures in Portland.  And now, around a month later, I’m off to Phoenix, Arizona.  You may think I travel alot, but these two most recent trips are a bit of a fluke in my normal travelogue.

This journey is pleasure for me; work related for the wife.  I’ll be traveling with  Jackie and Kari, our first big family adventure.  I hope to take in some of the sights of the southwest, eat some good food and most importantly spend some time unplugged from all of this and plugged in to my family.  Fret not ye internet friends, I do plan on updating flickr with photos and whatnot.

This will be Jack’s first flying experience post-9/11.  And for Kari, her first flying experience ever.  We’ve been talking about airplanes and watching videos on YouTube in an attempt to get her excited.  It’s about 10:30 right now and the little varmit finally fell asleep at 10.  I hope she’s ready for a 7:30am flight!

I hope my internet access is more accomodating on this trip.  I’ll be bringing the D40 with us, along with my Mac.  Not to mention the DS and iPod Touch. 🙂

Photo (postcard?) by dbostrom – Licensed under Creative Commons