Going to Portland

This weekend I’m heading to Portland to attend the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services (SIGUCCS) 2008 Fall Conference. (Phew!)  The short and long of why I’m going is that I co-authored a paper (pdf) and have been asked to present it on behalf of my employer.  Josh, the groovy brains behind this whole adventure, will be joining me.

While I’m there I hope to see some of the city, eat some good food and drink a pop.  I’ll be staying at the Hilton in downtown Portland which looks to be very nice.  I’m less than a mile from the Panic offices so I might swing by to take a picture or something.

I’ll be updating Twitter and Flickr while I’m traveling so you can see all the cool stuff.  I’m also going to (finally) get some use of this iSight and talk to Kari and Jack over the internets.

As an adventure inside this adventure I’ll also be driving 4 hours (each way) to visit my maternal grand parents, whom I only recall meeting once in my life.  They live in West Richland, WA which means I get to travel across some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

I’m very excited to get the chance to visit Portland.  I’m half afraid I might not want to come back!

UPDATE:  ZOMG!  There’s an Apple store less than a block from the hotel!  I CAN PLAY WIF NEW MACBOOKS?

One thought on “Going to Portland”

  1. Um….I think I heard the apple store will be closed that week. Yeah….that’s it. Everyone watch the news, I am sure there will be something about crazy mac nerd was dragged away from Portland Apple store beating on the door yelling, “I love you Steve!”

    Hahaha…but for reals, a vacation paid for by your employer that counts as your professional development for the year is always the best!

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