Mmmmelting Macbook Pro

Last night while the wife was out shopping I thought I’d play some Ace Combat 6 (great game, btw).  Before I started playing I set my Macbook Pro up in the kitchen to download some files for me.  We have this awesome kitchen with some swank under-the-cabinet lighting.  After setting up my Mac I had left the lights on for my wife so when she came in the kitchen wouldn’t be totally dark.  I went into the living room and quickly became oblivious to the outside world.  Now we have 3 cats and they’re often bumping into things or knocking stuff over.  So when I thought I heard a small crash coming from the kitchen I thought nothing of it.

A few minutes later my wife came back from the store and I helped her put groceries on the kitchen counter. I took a look over at my Macbook Pro to check the status of the downloads.  On my keyboard was the cap to one of the under-the-cabinet lights.

Hot Glass 

I picked it up laughing to my wife that it had fallen off.  How strange.  Apparently the heat caused it to warp just enough to fall off the little clips that hold it in.

 Under the Cabinet After the Cover Fell Off







Then I looked down at my Mac.

How I Found Them 

ZOMG!  The light cover was so hot that it had melted some of my keys!

The Victims 


Luckily enough the only part that was damaged was the plastic keys themselves, the underlying hinges and scissor mechanism was untouched.  Even the little rubber buttons were fine.

Press F5 to Continue 

So for the short term I’m missing a few keys.  Luckily they’re not keys I use every day.  I checked out a few shops online and replacing these 4 keys is going to cost me close to $40, which is much cheaper than a) Having Apple repair it or b) buying a whole new keyboard.

I’m now concerned with the safety of these lights.  What could have happened if they had fallen on some paper or other more flammable items?  (Not that I have a lot of these things laying around, I’m just saying)

2 thoughts on “Mmmmelting Macbook Pro”

  1. Dude, you have more trouble with that thing. Just think, a centimeter higher, and it could have melted part of your screen.

    As for the keys, just buy a “slim key” keyboard, and take the keys off. They run about $20. They use laptop keys, instead of normal keys. They come in all colors. And, you would have some spare keys then the next time this happens. 🙂

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