embodiment gemlike

We have a pretty good spam filter at work, and as such I rarely get spam actually showing up in my inbox.  However today there was an exception.  And for some reason I found it mildly interesting and worth sharing.

dramaturgy dramaturgy bluebird? reb, border babysitting.
glitch bucket gemlike accolade alleyway glitch, gemlike
sulfanilamide pungent dramaturgy sterno shelve.

delicate luther altair
We have a pretty solid spam filter at work so I very rarely get junk email in my actual inbox. However every once in a while something sneaks through. Today I found this one:

indwell embodiment dramaturgy? acrimonious, apart bucket.
aqueous newfound sulfanilamide glitch acrimonious larch, acrimonious
oaf sulfanilamide query media apart.

numinous rhino sibilant

newfound holbrook larch? schoolgirl, gwen holbrook.

embodiment gemlike.

I’ve read some human written prose that didn’t sound as good. 🙂

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