Pixel Perfect vs. Polygon Perfect

I’ve been playing MegaMan Maverick Hunter X, a remake of the SNES classic MegaMan X. This isn’t just a straight port, it’s a reinvisioning of the origional game with updated graphics, an entire second game that lets you play as the bad guy, and a decent 30min long movie explaining the backstory. I was in love with the original. In fact, I most likely have a folder somewhere with all the level passwords written down. 😉

The biggest difference from the original to this rendition is the fact that it’s all 3d. There’s no pixels, just polygons in a 2.5d style. I love the updated look, it really adds depth (no pun intended) to the game. But, it’s weird not having pixels to judge where you are. The polygons seem to make thing just a tad more difficult to get around and judge distances. This, in general, makes the game just a tad bit more difficult to get use to. I am enjoying the widescreen presentation and remixed audio. Very Nice. I recommend it if you’re looking for a solid platformer for your PSP. Be warned, there is one caveat, it requires Firmware vers 2.5 🙁