Preacher Man

So, on the way home tonight I listened to this NPR report about a Kansas Baptist Church that protests homosexuality by protesting at the funerals of men and women killed in action. Not homosexual men and women in particular mind you.

This church is just trying to upset people. Their actions sadden me.

The man who head’s up this particualr chuch is crazy. Looney. Nutso. he claims that his first amendment rights will be violated if he’s forbidden to protest. HOLY SHIT, talk about a stretch. Sigh. My misanthropy continues.

Jackie’s dad almost went on a protest of the protest (that will make more sense when you listen to the report) to silence these guys. If I had known more about this, I would have gone.

I understand you want to share your ideas and beliefs, especially if you hold them to be true. But this is too far. Shit like this makes me what to go live on Mars or something.

Incase you missed my point, I encourage you to listen to the report and reflect on how religion affects people and their judgement of other people.