Drugs in the Body

I don’t care for drugs.

I’ll preface this entry with the following personal tidbits:

I don’t drink coffee
I don’t smoke
I don’t take medicine (unless severely sick)
I don’t drink alcohol
I don’t do recreational drugs

I think that the answers to many of life’s problems are inside ones self. While problems are caused by events outside the body a majority of the resolution will be found if you look inward and objectivly look at how you view the situation. Take example the idea of depression. I am aware that certian types of depression can be caused by chemicals in the brain not being properly balanced. But I have a feeling (we’ll call it a hunch) that 75% of all cases of mental illness can be remedied with out the use of drugs. To paraphrase what follows: ” It’s all in your head”

I believe that the large majority of what makes us who we are comes from the environment in which we live. The experiance and encounters we have as we develop into adults leads us down a path. This path is rather flexable and a person travelling down it can even choose to divert from the path, and start a new branch, leading to a different outcome.

Because this divergence is possible, it is therefore inherently possible to diverge one’s state of mind while creating new paths. Perhaps not the best example, but the first that comes to mind is my own personal background. I came from a family in which neither my Mother or Stepfather were very educated, and very little emphasis was placed upon culutre and education. However, I am now an successful young man who ( I humbly believe) is of above average intellegence.

How does that happen? I should not be in college. I should not be aware of the world in the way that I am. By my understanding of the environment I had should’ve lead to a different outcome.

So what does this mean? Is it all in our heads? Is something in our environment causing such large numbers of people with such illnesses? It society commending it to me normal to take medication, even if the side-affects are quite severe?

This is probably the worst thought out blog post ever. Meh. I’m publishing it anyhow.