Dearly Departed

This evening my Uncle, Gregory Lee Koerner passed away.  He went peacefully in his sleep after 3 weeks of being unconscious following a heart-attack.  I am saddened by his abrupt departure but am glad that he has found peace.

The most difficult thing we face is dealing with a world with one less good human being in it.  Good luck wherever in the stream of existence you are, I await the day I will see you again and will continue to tell stories of your adventures to everyone I meet.

Greg Koerner

My uncle suffered a serious heart attack today. As of this entry he is unconscious in the hospital. The doctors do not know if he will awaken or if upon awaking if he will be normal. I can not believe this has happened and am in total shock. He means a lot to our family and is one of my heroes. Please get better Pooh Bear.