Early 2018 Programming Note

I’m not feeling well. Stressful things have been getting to me as of late. Some are small, some are large. The short-and-long of it is that I think I need to do something different to improve my health. So, a new year is as good as an excuse as any (and the timing just works). So I’m trying a few things. Friends, bear with me.

I’ve walked away from Facebook and Twitter. You won’t see me there. I might still share stuff there, but I won’t be checking in. Want to know what I’m up to? Send me an email, give me a call. I work from home, getting me out to lunch is a welcome reprieve.

I’m reading more long form than short form. At this moment I’m about 50 pages from the end of “How to Create a Mind” and recommend it.

I am going to write and share more here. I think providing some context and reflection on things I think are important and others my enjoy and benefit from is better than just sharing stuff on social media.

I want to start a big/long project and see it to completion. I feel like I haven’t done anything novel recently. What am I pushing for that is new? Solving problems at work are solved problems elsewhere. 1

Yeah, so here we are. Your first thing to check out? Seth Godin’s blog post, “Empathetic doesn’t mean doormat“.

“It’s essential to find empathy for the people you hope to serve, to teach, to work with. Without it, you can’t find the place they’re stuck, you can’t help them move in the direction they seek to go.

But it’s entirely possible that your empathy will lead to a moment where you need to say ‘no’.”

A good reminder for myself and sweet-hearted friends.

  1. Or at least I feel like solutions are often known, but acting is often hard.

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