A Device For the Capital

Mostly, I’m having a difficult time seeing how the watch today lives up to the ideal of a  bicycle for the mind. It seems mostly to want to take on the parts of my mobile devices that I consciously turn off.

I’m with Jim Ray. The Apple watch is neat from a ‘look what we can do with technology’ point-of-view, but I sure as heck don’t understand how it came from the same company that proudly provides educational initiatives and sponsors programs about diversity.

Pretty much every other Apple product has a good, better, best segmentation that actually speaks to the capabilities of the device. If you don’t have a lot of dosh to spend, you can get a Mac Mini, or even an older iPhone.  You can still use these tools to make great things and stay connected. Maybe as not as fast as say someone with a maxed-out Mac Pro, but you aren’t left behind.  The Apple Watch is solely for the affluent with no alternative for those with lesser means. An incredibly superfluous device.

As an unaffiliated addendum, Neven Mrgan shared this tweet:

The future has arrived.