O Human Star

After Nimona ended I’ve been looking for another interesting web comics series. I’m rather picky. The art has to be solid and consistent and the writing the same. I love sci-fi elements and anything that approaches the genre with a fresh voice. I think I’ve found my next obsession – O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti.

From the description on the recently successful Kickstarter,

Alastair Sterling was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution, and because of his sudden death he didn’t see any of it. That is, until he unexpectedly wakes up in a robot body that matches his old one exactly and finds out that 16 years have passed. Brendan Pinsky, Al’s former research partner and secret lover, now runs one of the largest robot manufacturers in the country. And Brendan’s dearest project, Sulla – a highly advanced robot with a mind copied from Al’s – is now living as a teenage girl.

Whaaaat? It’s as amazing as it sounds. Questions about gender, identity, mystery, what it means to be human – all great hooks for a story on their own – wrapped up into one beautifully written and illustrated story.

My only gripe is that I binged on every page and am now caught up. I have to wait to read the rest! Join me and be sure to start at the beginning!1

  1. My preferred way to keep on top of ongoing comics is to add the site to my RSS reader. Makes keeping on top of the latest page a breeze!