Thoughts on Work – 2.5 Years In

Healthcare is complex. Every time I hear of something and think “That’s crazy. No way it needs to be that complicated.” My thoughts are often quickly changed once I learn about the history and reasoning behind things.

That terrifies me. 🙂

People are really freaking smart here.

People are really qualified – or at the least appear confident in their skills.

Everyone loves to learn and share what they learn.

Not a lot of jerks. In fact I can’t think of a single person who’s out for just themselves.

Everyone is a Senior or Lead something. I have very little experience with folks fresh out of college. I’d love to see more greenhorns and apprentice/mentor relationships.

Things change. Leadership matters.

The reward for competence is usually more work. This is true of the environment here. People who work hard – and do good work – get more work. You will never find yourself bored.