A Quick Poster I Designed for St. Louis Pet Rescue


This is for my wife’s awesome pet rescue – St. Louis Pet Rescue. It’s our first event of this kind and we really wanted to make it easy for folks to help us promote in an inexpensive way. This is a grayscale 8.5×11 in poster/flyer made totally in Illustrator. I’m not an Illustrator guru, but I’ve been doing more with it recently.

The margins are funny, we’ll be printing a large quantity via a professional printer which allows for smaller margins than say what you’d find on a home ink-jet printer. The top and bottom of the poster are cut off when printed on the latter – eliminating the top row of checks. Not intentionally it looks like the little mouse is crossing a finish line! Don’t believe me? Print out a few copies and take a look. Oh, and while you have a couple on hand, stick them up at work or at the local coffee shop!