I Haven’t Been Blogging, Busy Building

I just finished a rough draft of an analysis paper that’s already 17 pages long. I’m working on a Semantic Wediawiki tool for our department’s job descriptions & learning resources and in my spare time building a new responsive website for a local business. Not much time to write, but I have been thinking. Mostly about photography, time and how the two are connected from both a technical perspective (the advance of what we can do) and from an artistic perspective (what is photography any more?).

Here’s some things I’ve been reading:

Photographs Are No Longer Things, They’re Experiences – Pete Brook for Wired

Portrait: A Documentary About a Popular Instagrammer and a Pro Photographer – Andy Newman via PetaPixel

The Perfect Shot – Canon Commercial via Devour

The “Most Important Ramification” of Wearable Lifelogging Cameras – PetaPixel