I am thankful for my body and it’s relative health. Which even as it ages still serves me well to experience the world.
My education, both formal and informal, to help me see the world in larger shades of gray and more subtle levels of detail.

I’m thankful for my Dad supporting me and help me through life to be a better man.
For a Mom who against all odds raised me up from humble beginnings to where I am today. Things could have turned out very differently.
A wife who has not only does an awesome job taking care of herself, my sorry ass, and our entire family. Everything she does is done with passion and love – and she does a lot.
A daughter who is smart, witty and wise beyond her diminutive years.
Family and friends who think deeply about the world and strive to change it.
To family both for earthly and non, whose interactions and wisdom has helped shape me to who I am today.