The Rider-Dupske Wedding

I was honored to be the best man in my friends wedding. Joe, who I’ve known forever, married his long-time girlfriend Carrie this past Saturday. It was beautiful (and hot!) day filled with many great memories. I put together a speech and wanted to share/archive it here.

Hello, I’m Chris and I’ve known the groom since he use to spend his time playing video games all day and liked Transformers. Oh wait, sorry. He still does that.

Seriously, I’m a dear friend of the groom and I’d like to say a few words.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make today special.

Thanks to the parents of the bride and groom. Without your care, these two beautiful people would never have come into their own.

Special thanks to Cindy for the amazing wedding cake. I can’t believe we actually get to eat such a wonderful work of art.

Special thanks to Carrie’s Aunts and everyone else involved for setting up this beautiful reception.

And thank you all for being here as part of this special day.


Carrie you look amazing. Joe, I’m so glad they finally got you to take a shower.

They say a best man speech should be short. Boy, am I the man for the job.


Joe and Carrie. It’s been “Joe and Carrie” for a while now, but today it becomes official. Not just official in a spiritual way, or in a legal way, but in a way of the heart, the body and the soul.

I’ve known Joe longer than anyone else in my life, save for family. But Joe is family. Since the day we met at the bus stop in 7th grade, Joe has been my brother from another mother. He and his family welcomed me in to their home, literally, every morning before school and beyond. I am very thankful for that.

Nature never gave me a brother, but luck did. Joe, I’m very lucky to have met you and after nearly 18 years still call you my best friend.

While I’ve known Joe longer than I have Carrie, she is just as important. While Joe and I have come into adulthood and found our own families, the amount of time we have to hang out and get into trouble becomes more precious. But that’s ok. I’m not sad. He has found someone who’s a better friend than I. Carrie.

She’s there to be his anchor. To keep him focused on what is important and to continue helping him excel in being a much better man than myself. So Carrie, I thank you.

(If I need a moment – Wedding’s are always emotional, even the cake is in tiers.)

So I’ll end with some advice and a wish. My advice is very practical and will help you in any situation you can imagine.

Joe, learn how to say you’re sorry and understand it’s always your fault.
No no no. My wife must have added that one. Sorry.

My advice to you both is to remember this. There will be arguments. Tempers will flare.

These times will be few and far between if you follow this nugget of wisdom that I myself was given when I was wed.

When you get upset or frustrated, ask yourself. “Will it matter in 60 years?”. Most things won’t. They’re just not worth the drama or stress. Focus on the bigger picture. Your happiness together.

Now for my wish.

My only wish for you both is that each day of your marriage is better than the previous, so that you can look back on today, your wedding day, and say that it was the worst day of your lives together.

To Joseph and Carrie, Congratulations!

Here are some photos I took as well.

A MomentMini JoeJoe & DevonTuxed UpCarrieI Have No Idea
Stacie, Joe, Devon and CindyStacie, Joe and CindyStacie, Joe and CindyBradKariMy Old Neighbors
Those GuysStacie & JoePricelessD'awwwSIblingsSkeets, Joe and Cindy
Brad, Joe and CindyJoe & CindyGroomsmenThe Old GuardArrangementChewie

Joe & Carrie’s Wedding, a set on Flickr.