Adium 1.5 SIPE Plugin Borked After Update

Adium just auto-updated to the latest version (1.5) and upon restart I was alerted that my SIPE Plugin was not supported on this architecture. Bummer.

I’m not sure, but it looks like I was running a 32bit version of Adium and the update pushed me into 64bit territory. I’m totally fine with that, but the SIPE plugin was 32bit.

This morning I found this ticket in which some intrepid individual posts a complied 64bit version for our enjoyment.

Download the “SIPEAdiumPlugin.AdiumLibpurplePlugin(64bit).zip” file linked to above. Uninstall the old via the Adium Xtras Manager (From the Adium menu) and double-click the new plugin contained in the aforementioned .zip file. Voila, back to chatting on the corporate Microsoft Communicator/Lync network.

Update: Edited language to be more clear.

Update 2: This plugin will install in Adium 1.5.1, but will not work without running this command in the Terminal.

Update 3: I just updated to 1.5.2 this afternoon (July, 24, 2012). It appears this update undoes the work in update #2. If you view the Accounts tab in Adium Preferences you’ll see your SIPE account hang at ‘Connecting’. Close Adium and run the commands linked in update #2 to get thing working again.

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  1. Thanks for the post, I just ran into the same problem. Though, I am somewhat confused what “aforementioned .zip file” are you referring to?

    1. Sorry for not being more clear. If you visit the link to the Adium ticket discussing the SIPE plugin you’ll see that someone posted a .zip file containing a pre-compiled, ready to go, 64bit version of the plugin.

  2. The two terminal commands don’t seem to show up in the like in update #2 above anymore. Would someone please post them? I’m trying to use Adium 1.5.2 and the pre-complied 64-bit SIPE plugin.

    1. Hugh,
      They’re still there in the link, just rather hidden. Here they are:

      cd /Applications/

      ln -s 0.10.5 0.10.0

  3. I realize this is an older post but I’m having trouble configuring this plugin to connect to my account. I’ve followed all the tutorials, installed the 64bit plugin and created the soft links in terminal, etc. The plugin appears in the app as an option for creating a new Account, but after I fill in all the information it hangs on “Connecting”. Im running Lion 10.7.5 and Adium 1.5.4 (11/7/12).

    1. Arron, which commands did you run? That thread had a few different ones. It’s all a kind of mess, but let me know if you got it working.

      1. Chris, thanks so much for your reply.

        I followed the instructions via

        Here is the code I literally copied into Terminal App.

        ln -s Current /Applications/
        ln -s Current /Applications/
        ln -s Current /Applications/

        (I pressed Enter, then copied…)

        launchctl setenv NSS_SSL_CBC_RANDOM_IV 1

        (Pressed Enter, all appeared well, so I quit Terminal App).

        I so appreciate your help. This will make chatting with co-workers so much easier.

        1. I’ve gotten rid of the SSL error, so I’m just getting an Authentication Error and the app asks me to re-enter my password, which of course I’ve done multiple times and I’m certain I’m entering correctly w/o capslock etc.

  4. Aaron, were you able to get it running? I am having the same authentication problem. I am on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Adium 10.5.6

    1. Hey Ninad! Yes! I did get it working finally. I was following the ticket mentioned in this main post and I was excited to see this comment-

      I used that version of the plugin, since my office email is on MS Office 365.

      Once I had the plugin installed, the biggest challenge for me was tracking down the credentials under “Options” tab.

      Here is what I did:
      Connection type: SSL/TLS
      User Agent: I had to get this from our IT director, it is a long string of characters.
      Authentication scheme: TLS-DSK

      Everything else on the “Options” tab I left blank/unchecked.

      Hope this helps you!

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