Sharing to Succeed

The person with the confidence to support others and to share is repaid by getting more in return than his selfish counterpart.

The connection economy multiplies the value of what is contributed to it. It’s based on abundance, not scarcity, and those that opt out, fall behind.

Seth Godin on the sad irony of selfishness

I think there’s a large group of people in the work force – not you dear reader, but you know who I’m talking about – that feel that keeping information and knowledge close to their chest is the path to success. That sharing, documenting, conversing are all things that chip away at their power and control. As Seth puts it above, the truth  could be no farther from the truth.

One of my sage advisors during college told me that the core job of a technologist was to empower people with the technology. To allow them to do more and succeed greater with the use of these tools. In order to do that you have to share what you know – make others successful. Only then will you be successful yourself.

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  1. As someone who has worked with Chris, I can tell you he practices what he preaches. He is always willing to share whatever he knows about the question you have asked, and will follow up later if he learns more about it himself from research he has done. Thanks, Chris.

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