Apple Linen

With the recent iOS 5 and OS X Lion updates I’ve been noticing a lot more linen in my UI. It shows up everywhere, from the login screen in Lion to the canvas behind a Safari window on the iPad and OS X.

I was curious to find out where it appears and discovered this thread on reddit.

I discovered at least 4 different shades. – backgroundTile.png – defaultdesktop.png

AppKit.framework – NSLinenBackgroundPattern.png

Safari.framework – ReadingList-BGLinen.png

It’s interesting that the Reading List variant isn’t 256px by 256px, but rather 300px by 300px – a non base-two size. It’s also worth noting that the iPad uses the darkest texture for the canvas in Safari, while Lion uses the second lightest version.

Update: George mentions in the comments, as of 10.7.3 backgroundTile.png from the bundle was renamed to ecsb_background_tile.png. The files appear to be exactly the same.

Update 2: The new beta of Messages for Mountain Lion includes a new addition to the linen family.


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  1. Would you please be able to tell me what the colors are (CSS colors) of each of those textures? I don’t know a good way of identifying the colors.


    1. Since the textures are multifaceted, I suggest loading them into Photshop and using the eyedropper to get an exact measurement. Or you could try something like to get a palette of colors from the texture.

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