Podcast Producer Failing on MP3 Files Exported From Audacity

We use Podcast Producer here at work and recently one of our users was running into issues. They were uploading ~100mb MP3s and the Xgrid job would fail every time. On first glance I thought it was something to do with the size of the file or permissions, but after trying different files, user accounts and workflows I discovered the cause.

The specific error ( found under Job > Show Log in Xgrid Amin) was the following:

task “import-plugin-movie-generated” state changed to “Failed”

After researching in the largest knowledgebase in the universe I came across this discussion. Apparently MP3s made with the open-source software Audacity do not play well with Quicktime. Guess what is being used by Podcast Producer to encode your final files? Quicktime! Guess what was being used to create the MP3s to upload? Audacity!

Our workaround was similar to that mentioned in the thread above. We found an intermediary program (iTunes) to convert the Audacity MP3 to something Quicktime likes. After uploading the smoothed-over file it was happy sailing.