Tweetie ‘Unauthorized. Could not authenticate you.’

tweetie-could-not-authenticate-youI saw this message earlier today after trying to get Tweetie to work on my home Mac.  I was able to setup multiple accounts with ease at work, but for the life of me could not figure out why I was getting this error message. I tried retyping my account details multiple times, each time making sure to type my password as slowly and precisely as possible.

After an apropos search on Twitter about the error I came across this tweet.

rbieber: @frumpa thats odd. This time I entered the password first (where focus defaults) and then username and authenticated fine. Bug?

A quick test confirmed that the order in which you enter your credentials for secondary accounts is a bug.  It appears  you need to enter your password first and then your username.

If this doesn’t make any sense, see the video below.

[qt: 490 470]

I should mention despite this small bug I’m enjoying Tweetie very much and am sure the developers will remedy this. Most likely right after I hit the Publish button.


Update: Well pretty close, atebits updated Tweetie today to 1.0.2, which fixes this problem.

12 thoughts on “Tweetie ‘Unauthorized. Could not authenticate you.’”

  1. Same here. Registered one account OK a few days ago and it was working fine. Wouldn’t accept my second account at all, now I’m seeing the same as you on my main account 🙁 Back on Nambu or Tweetdeck for the time being.

  2. Just downloaded Tweetie… having the same problem and the password-first method doesn’t seem to work anymore…

  3. Ditto Valerio. I actually reset all my passwords for the new year yesterday and can’t log in on the desktop tweetie. Regular web log in, Tweetie2 (iphone), and all third party widgets work fine. It’s just the Tweetie for the mac that gives me the same error and likewise, entering the password first doesn’t fix the problem.

  4. Hi

    I just installed tweetie on my iphone 3gs. The problem is that everytime i go into the application, i need to enter my username and password and then it seems to work fine.

    But as i press the home screen and again go back to tweetie, it does not update as i scroll down and come up & a “X” mark screen pops up saying unauthorized

    I also get error – Saved as draft (error posting message. There was an error posting your message It has been saved as a draft,plz try resending later) error: unauthorized. Could not authenticate you.

    Anyone here has a fix for it?

  5. I’ve tried everything and I still get the error. I’ve uninstalled, entered details backwards, deleted pref files.

    I like Tweetie but zero support leaves a bad taste.


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