Obama Wordle

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Using Wordle I created this

It’s President Obama’s Inauguration speech, with the words that he used more frequently appearing larger.  Initially, I used a rough palette based upon this poster.

I then exported it as a pdf from Wordle.

Then I looked for a palette that was a bit closer to the original poster.  I found this one on kuler and munged it a bit in Illustrator.  If you click the image above I have a nice desktop background ready size available for your use.

While I’m not normally a politics nerd I watched the whole ceremony today and felt two distinct emotions.

Relief and hope.

One thought on “Obama Wordle”

  1. Chris-
    This is really good. I’m getting the desktop background next. I should have known you would make art out of this very serious business. I watched the speech at the media center and was very moved. Maybe the best speech I have ever heard, even slightly better that Hillary’s withdrawal speech, but then this was a more noble subject. (I would love to see a word cloud of her speech.)

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