I use quite a few services to update friends and family about my life.  I often use a combo of a few different tools.

Moodblast to update Facebook, Twitter, Pownce and Adium (for Gtalk/AIM status messages) all at the same time.  Very hand free app that keeps me connected to friends as I work.

I use a ‘post to’ bookmarklet to share interesting sites and links.  Which, when working properly also cross posts to this blog.

I use flickr to share photos as well.

iScrobbler to track my music playback on

Unfortunately not all updates go through all services.  And you may not know where I’m updating and when.

Which brings me to my newest tool that hopefully will help coalesce these various tools.

I just signed up for FriendFeed.  Which allows me to collect all my updates in one location.  Now when I update one of the various services I use they are all aggregated to my FriendFeed.  So, instead of trying to track me down all over the internet you can simply stalk me find my updates here!