Collect Them All

As I’ve previously posted, Joe is a trucker. The last time he was in town he told me of thse trading cards that are given out at different weigh stations across the country. I doubted him at first. I mean think about it, Trucker Trading Cards. How bizzare and unusual. I imagined young boys in a dusty southwestern town meeting after school to trade Bobby Brickshaw’s 445 Hemi Freightliner for Jimmy Twoton’s Antique Steam-powered Semi from 1875. While I jest, come to find out I wasn’t very far off.

I find these to be totally unique to American life. No where else are you going to find these awesome people. I enjoy the candid photos of average people performing, in their circle of peers and colleagues, feats worthy of someone taking the time to write a brief bio, snap a photo and then print and distribute them across the country. I tip my hat to you Mr. Hockaday and your adorably fluffy dog.