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I’ve been using Photoshop CS3 for awhile now but there’s been one thing bothering me. This little menu option:


By default Photoshop hides a vast number of menu options. So each time you want to select a menu option that is hidden you have to select the menu, click “Show All Menu Items” then navigate to the menu item you wanted in the first place.

Now there is a solution. You can visit the Menus option under the Edit Menu and modify what is hidden by default.

From here you can select the different menus and their respective menu items.


It’s rather time consuming but you can select every item to be visible by default. After making your changes you can save it as a menu customization file.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a custom file that has every menu item on by default. Download and extract this file and place in in the following directory.

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Presets/Menu Customization/

Now you can select the “Everything On” Set from the Menu options and have instant access to all the previously hidden menu items.

18 thoughts on “Show Me Everything”

  1. This is great. God, why do they do that crap to us and then not give us a solution. What is wrong with the people that write these applications. Quicktime screws stuff up and Adobe doesn’t seem to be making things more user friendly.

    Anyway, excellent work.

  2. Thanks for doing this. “Show hidden items” was driving me crazy, especially on the damn Filters menu, where it’s already hard enough to remember where some of the filters SHOULD be WITHOUT having to burrow through every single one.

  3. Bless you kind sir. I, too, have been exasperated and absolutely floored at the stupidity of this interface change. I find it hard to believe that Adobe thought this was a good thing, but they did it.

    This is a huge improvement for me.


  4. You’re a star mate! What the hell were they thinking with this dumb option anyway. Up til now I thought it was showing the least used options, but then I realised it was hiding stuff I was using everyday, really annoying. Just change for change’s sake, I wonder who they asked whether this feature was a good idea or not.

  5. This was annoying me a lot, but I found a solution. Open Photoshop and hold Ctrl+Shift+Alt while it loads, and it will ask for resetting the default settings. Click OK, and everything is back to normal. Now make your personal workspace and check ‘Menu’ option and save it.

    raz3dfx.blogspot . com

  6. Big thanks for this! Hard to understand their choices for what functions deserve to be displayed by default. My biggest complaint: TRIM Function. Why hide that!?

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