As you know, with BootCamp you can partition your HD for dual booting. The thing that was annoying me was that in OS X (where I spend most of my time) the HD icon for the Windows partition could not be changed. It’s formated as NTFS and there for only has read access in OS X. I’ve outlined a workaround that will allow you to have a custom icon for the Windows partition.

1. Download CandyBar from Panic. Candybar is only $12.95 and I encourage you to purchase it.

Picture 1.png

2. Under the Device Icons find the default Internal icon.

Picture 2.png

3. Drag the icon you want to use for your Windows partition to the Internal icon. I used the Windows XP icon from the awesome Modern Times Extra Pack found at InterfaceLIFT.

Picture 4.png

4. Apply system icons and relaunch Finder.

Picture 5.png

5. You will now have the correct icon for your Windows partition, but the wrong one for your OS X partition.
From here you can select any other icon to be used for the Mac partition, just like normal.

Picture 6.png

4 thoughts on “Icon”

  1. this is great… and nice little site by the way.

    but will these changed icons show up in the bootcamp bootloader ?

    I have a fat32 drive which I have changed the icon of using the method you have shown me.

  2. The short answer is no, they will not show up in the Bootcamp bootloader. if you are using rEFIt you can change them via the rEFIt bootloader. The changes are only visible in OS X.

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