Sleeping Monster

Kari’s sleeping more and more as the days pass. Which is a good thing. But I still feel a bit on edge when she grunts while asleep. I tense up, awaiting the sirens scream to shatter the crystalline silence that permeates the still air. Most of the time you can tell when she’s waking up. She grunts a bit, then a bit more, and then lets loose with the aforementioned deafining shriek if you wait too long. Oh, and the time of what is defined as “too long” varies from night to night.

She’s getting so big. I know that is totally cliche to say, but it’s also totally true. She’s well over 12lbs at this point (7 weeks) and is holding her head up for a decent amount of time. Her eyes are bright and attentive, and mesmerize me with their depth of innocence.

As I write this she’s sleeping next to me in her bed. Mom’s in the other room catching some rest. I wonder if I’ll remember this night when I’m old and grey. If I’ll remember the hum of the air purifier next to the chair and beside it the aquarium’s gurgle. I hope I remember her, and how such a truly amazing thing it is to call her daughter.

One thought on “Sleeping Monster”

  1. You will remember, that and many more seemingly insignifcant things. This is the time when you get to see things as brand new all over again.
    I speak from experience.

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