To the Goober on the CrotchRocket

Nice move today on the way home. You really impressed me by zipping between the cars today during rush-hour. I guess you didn’t read that part in the manual where it mentioned that it was illegal in Missouri. I liked how you passed me on the right, just as the acceleration lane merged with the highway. I also noticed that you didn’t have a licence plate. I guess that must have fallen off. But kudo’s to you for wearing your leathers and helmet. Most of your kind wear t-shirts and flip-flops. I guess you’re not as dumb as you look. Of course, I was able to notice all these things in the split second you were in my sight. I guess I was the one paying more attention to my fellow citizens, as we all tried to get safely home.

My father also thanks you, as his insurance on his bike will go up again. That is, once you cream yourself while standing on your seat trying to impress that ‘chick’ in the convertible.

My friend also thanks you, as he was killed riding a motorcycle. You’ve just falely reconfirmed that motorcycles are dangerous to everyone around you today.