31 Weeks

To my wife, my friend, and my love
You’re asleep as I write this, gone to bed many hours before I have. You’re tired, as most women in your situation are. You’re frustrated. You can’t do all the things you normally do. You’re bored, as the “sitting around gene” is missing from your DNA. You’re scared. You’re not totally freaking out or anything, but harsh reality of what could happen is pushing heavily upon the possibility of what most likely will happen. You’re hopeful. You know, deep down, that things will be ok. You know that I love you and I will care for you no matter what.


I have come to the conclustion that this game accomplishes numerous feats
-It is a console quality game on a handheld
-It is technologically impressive for not just a handheld
-It has a splendid mix of single player and multiplayer
-It’s not a port, it expands on an existing universe