X-men is like Pokemon

Today I bought X-men Legends II for the GC. I sat my wife down, explained the controls and tried to play a few levels. About 10 min into playing I started explaining how you level-up and can learn new abilities. She looks at me and says, “Like in Pokemon, when they evolve?”.

Yes dear. Just like Pokemon.

In all seriousness, we played for a good hour or so, and everytime I wanted to explain something in the game, I just related it back to Pokemon. It works! She’s familiar with the game mechanics of the Gameboy games so for us it’s a simple comparison.

Who knew; Pokemon is the great equalizer.



Seriously, I love you and your mother. But for Christ sakes you’ve done nothing but given us greif so far! Ok, so you’re not that bad. Most of the time I spend with you is great and sweet. I love listening to the swishing sound you make as you spin and twirl. That’s probably one of the few things that fathers can experience that the mother cannot during pregnancy. The ability to place my head mere inches from yours and listen to the sound of life.


John is a cool guy. I call him “The Great Manipulator”. I think that in another life he was some hugely successufl politician who got tons of chicks and lived a life of great women, wine and song.

Blog Updates

Someone says i should update my blog more often. So here’s an update.

Two things happened yesterday. First, I took my last final and turned in the last paper for this semester. That felt great. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted….well, that was cliche. I only have one more semester of school left, and that consists of only one German class. Yay. It felt really good to be able to say, “Yeah I can do that, I have free time!”

Second, I saw my daughter move. Now, I know that in upon itself isn’t some hugely miracilous thing. For me though, it is. I’ve heard her move, I’ve felt her move, but I’ve never seen her move. It was awesome. Her little foot/arm appendage zipped across her little space and I SAW IT! Jackie thought I was freaking out, but in reality I was just amazed. It helped to solidify just a little more how we’ve created a new person. A person that has never existed before and will do great things on this planet. Listen to me, I’m already a Proud Father(TM)

Tonight I’m going to se Syriana with Tim. I’m stoked.