I just made $43.50 off of Barbie!

We just sold a used copy of Barbie SuperDuper Horse Riding Fun Time for the Xbox for $43.50 on ebay. I received this game as part of a bundle of stuff when I bought a used Xbox. This is a 2 year old game. A 2 year old BARBIE game. Holy Cheeze Wiz!



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There was an accident on the way home from work today. I had to go around a few blocks to get on the highway. It took me a bit longer but I got home just fine. When I got home I took care of a few chores and then left to go visit my in-laws. As I walked out the door I saw a young dog sitting on the sidewalk. I called out to him, to see if he was friendly. He ran up to me, tail wagging, and nudged my hand. It was dark out and I couldn’t see anyone around. I followed him around outside for a few minutes, yelling out to see if anyone was around. I went inside my home to put my cats in a room. Chloe went ballistic and tore my arm up, scratching me no less than 5 times, each about 3 inches long. Ouch. I quickly went back outside and found the dog, sitting on my porch. I then took him inside my home and tried to get a better look at him. He was clean, his paws weren’t too muddy, and was very well tempered. I attached a leash and collar I had laying around and went back out to look for his owner. I came across an older gentleman, named Bill, who lives in the building next to my own. Bill said that there was a woman who had a black dog who lived a few blocks down. The dog and I walked past a few houses and knocked on the door or what we hoped to be home for this dog. A woman answered the door and I introduced myself. She was staring at the dog the whole time. I asked her if she knew who’s dog this was. She replied,”That’s Freddie! I know this dog.” I asked if she could tell me who the owner was. “Freddie is my dog!” Sure enough Freddie apparently jumped the fence and went wandering. Case closed.

However, this made me think a bit about fate. Are somethings meant to be? Was I suppose to be late getting home? Was I suppose to leave the condo right at the time i did? Had I left a few minutes earlier, or later, I most likely wouldn’t have seen the dog. Why did I spend an hour in the dark, cold, night looking for this dogs owner? I can’t believe it’s fate or destiny. But perhaps it’s something like karma. I did a good deed and that will reflect strongly against my character. Now that I can believe.


Xbox. I got one. Used, but a great deal. I have to give props to my wife, she’s the one who found it on craigslist. So far I like Halo 2 and Farcry, looking to get a few more games down the road. I don’t see why there’s already next-gen next gen consoles. The Xbox (For that matter the Gamecube and even possibly the PS2) still has tons of life left in it. The 360 only seems to have HD and the whole live thing going for it. Meh.

Good Music

So here’s a list of the top 10 songs I’ve been listening to. I though I would compile this little list and give you something to look for when browsing the local music store. Those still exist right? Ok, so I’ve also added links to the iTMS. -) This isn’t totally accurate as I often can only remember the most recent songs I’ve listened too. We’ll chalk that up to short-term memory loss. I’ve decided to highlight a few songs that really stand out and recommend you take a look listen to them.

One Beat by Sleater-Kinney

These chicks know how to rock. There’s something I enjoy in the visceral singing and the intelligent lyrics. It’s good to rock out to and good to study.

Calm Down by Psapp

I heard this song in a commercial. For a car. Or insurance. Or car insurance. Regardless of it’s auditory origins in my musical library I like this song. It’s different and charming. It reminds me of a music box. The kind with synths.

Where Is My Mind? by Pixies

This song is a few years old. (released in ‘89) I first heard it on the Fight Club soundtrack, forgot about it, and the rediscovered it a few months back. The album this song is off of features a topless woman on the cover. So that makes it into this list by default. I imagine this was recorded in someone’s garage, before that got trendy and popular.

Montserrat by Orquestra Del Plata

Electronica meets Jazz meets Tango. I can’t really describe it better than that. I wish the artist would release more music like this. This actually comes of an album titled Bajofondo Tango Club which features various Tango artists.

Something New by Mint Royale

Ok, I love the duet (?) in this song. The chorus is a light woman’s voice attempting to reassure the British male vocals that everything between them will be ok.

“You don’t know me now, so don’t judge me how
Can’t and never will, if you don’t listen
To the words I’ve said, your just scared cause
I’m something new”

The male vocals raps back with the following:

“This is my way, can’t you see
I live my way, let me be
Can’t judge what you don’t know
My life I’m free, so let me go
This is my way, how I’m livin’
I do it my way, you should listen
Don’t judge if your not sure
I’m just me no less no more”

They’re both contrasting musical styles and yet they seem to work well together.

One Million Miles Away by J. Ralph

Labeled as New Age on the iTMS, I find this to be somewhere more along the lines of contemporary orchestration. The artist has no formal musical training, which goes to show…something regarding talent and musical ability…

Headlock by Imogen Heap

My new favorite Imogen Heap song. I like how the first time you hear the chorus; it’s light and makes you think the whole song will sound rather calm. The second time turns into a louder, rising, version.

Last Living Souls by Gorillaz

It’s Gorillaz. Most of what they create is good. IMHO. I like how the high-pitched synth turns into a nice violin sample toward the end. Nice.

Short Stacks by The Ditty Bops

Unlike Wishful Thinking (next on this list) this sounds less like bluegrass folk and more like easy listening alternative bluegrass folk.

Wishful Thinking by The Ditty Bops

The Ditty Bops are the only band to make it on the list twice. There’s a good reason for that. I just bought their album and have been listening to it a lot. Oh, and their music is some of the most refreshing music I’ve listened to in a long time. Abby and Amanda rock the mandolin…

That’s it. I’m done. Just remember this list when you’re looking for something new.