Life on the Road

My friend Joe is a truck driver. He’s my age (only a week older than I am, but always reminding me of this fact), single, and loving his job. A few months ago I gave him an old digital camera and told him to take some pictures while on the road. Here’s the first batch he sent me.*

“I woke up to my alarm and threw back the curtain between the cab and my bed. It was still dark out! I checked my alarm clock and took another look. I had been snowed in!”

He tells me this is a fairly common way to empty a trailer full of raw materials, like coal. Just pick it up and dump it!

While I would never be brave enough, it would be totally cool to be in the cab of the semi during something like this.

And last he sends me a photo of some mountains in Tennessee. I look out my window at work and see a dull static city skyline. His is aways changing and new.

*From a truck stop where wireless is accessible from your truck. No need to leave!†

†Except for the bathroom, of course.

Next time I’ll have to retell the story about the mating rituals of the common Lot Lizard…Until then, stay safe Joe and keep sending me photos!

Paid the Hosting Sharks

Alright, kids, Chris told me to pay for the “website” in his absence.  I paid the hosting and domain fees after 24 hours of trying to figure out what all that meant.  So, hurray for no service interruptions!  When’s Chris getting home again?


2nd Best Widget

Many thanks goes out to TUAW for introducing me to the App Update widget. This little guy will check all your non-Apple Applications and report back if there is an update available. How neat is that?  As they put it, it’s like Software Update for all your Apps!

Picture 2.png

I love to be on top of the technical news and latest happenings. I have RSS feeds from around the net and I’m constantly checking them for updates. This widget now allows me to do the same for all my Applications. Muhahahhahah. It’s super easy to use, and has a super clean UI.

Picture 3.png

Check out the TUAW post above and download this widget.  It’s the best!