Hudson’s Heroes

The recent emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson river has made me think of three things.

First, after reading this story, it is entirely possible for people to keep their shit together in this day and age.  There were few people who acted in a ignorant manner, but the common sense of the majority prevailed for once.

I love this quote from an article over on NyTimes.

Nick Gamache, 32, a software salesman, had moments earlier sent his wife a text message that read, “Planes on fire love you and the kids,” so he was naturally in a hurry to update her. But he paused as the pilot told him to carefully step into the raft.

Could you imaging being on the recieving end of that txt?  What the wife must have thought when she saw that, sitting at her desk at work, at home with the kids, or out running errands?  How mind blowing.  

Then to hear on the news that there was in fact a crash landing.  Crazy.

Second thing that amazes me most is the amount of video footage there is of the actual crash itself.

While I’m well aware we live in an time where almost everything is monitored this still blows my mind.  Upon the first time hearing of the crash I just knew that given enough time some form of footage would appear.

Third and final is the lack of appreciation our society places on older people.  While Captian Sullenberg is only 57, thats a few shy years from the forced retirement age of 60.

If a dude who is that close to retiring can land a fricking plane, in the middle of a river what else are people his age (and older) capable of?

We should all respect those with wisdom and experiences far greater than ours.  

For those who are interested Jason Kottke has more on the crash, including a few other videos.

Jack Conte

Digg turned me on to a gentlemen named Jack Conte (myspace link).  Unlike artist I see doing covers of other bands with weak original work I enjoy both ventures of Mr. Conte.  Here’s a ‘VideoSong’ a self described remix/mashup in which the artist visually shows all sounds, both vocal and instrumental.  This particular VideoSong is of Radiohead’s Exit Music for a Film matched with a prelude by Chopin, Op. 28, no. 4.

Via his YouTube channel I also stumbled upon Operation, a original song with a great music video.

His work sounds clean, but not too deleberate.  I hope you enjoy!