Drugs in the Body

I don’t care for drugs.

I’ll preface this entry with the following personal tidbits:

I don’t drink coffee
I don’t smoke
I don’t take medicine (unless severely sick)
I don’t drink alcohol
I don’t do recreational drugs

I think that the answers to many of life’s problems are inside ones self. While problems are caused by events outside the body a majority of the resolution will be found if you look inward and objectivly look at how you view the situation. Take example the idea of depression. I am aware that certian types of depression can be caused by chemicals in the brain not being properly balanced. But I have a feeling (we’ll call it a hunch) that 75% of all cases of mental illness can be remedied with out the use of drugs. To paraphrase what follows: ” It’s all in your head”

I believe that the large majority of what makes us who we are comes from the environment in which we live. The experiance and encounters we have as we develop into adults leads us down a path. This path is rather flexable and a person travelling down it can even choose to divert from the path, and start a new branch, leading to a different outcome.

Because this divergence is possible, it is therefore inherently possible to diverge one’s state of mind while creating new paths. Perhaps not the best example, but the first that comes to mind is my own personal background. I came from a family in which neither my Mother or Stepfather were very educated, and very little emphasis was placed upon culutre and education. However, I am now an successful young man who ( I humbly believe) is of above average intellegence.

How does that happen? I should not be in college. I should not be aware of the world in the way that I am. By my understanding of the environment I had should’ve lead to a different outcome.

So what does this mean? Is it all in our heads? Is something in our environment causing such large numbers of people with such illnesses? It society commending it to me normal to take medication, even if the side-affects are quite severe?

This is probably the worst thought out blog post ever. Meh. I’m publishing it anyhow.


I’ve moved all my posts from ckoerner.wordpress.com to here at www.clkoerner.com.  I figure it was time to update my personal website, so why not combine it with my blog.  Drop me a line if you find something that isn’t working.


I’ve created a monster. My wife blogs everyday. I should have never installed WordPress. She’s addicted. I’m going to have to send her to BA. (Bloggers Anonymous) I’m sure not to many people read our blogs, but we like to keep them as on-line journals. When Kari is all grown-up we can show here these blogs and she (hopefully) get a laugh. I’ve got this great idea for a gift for my wife due to all her blogging. But she’ll have to wait awhile…

I just made $43.50 off of Barbie!

We just sold a used copy of Barbie SuperDuper Horse Riding Fun Time for the Xbox for $43.50 on ebay. I received this game as part of a bundle of stuff when I bought a used Xbox. This is a 2 year old game. A 2 year old BARBIE game. Holy Cheeze Wiz!



Originally uploaded by C. Koerner.

There was an accident on the way home from work today. I had to go around a few blocks to get on the highway. It took me a bit longer but I got home just fine. When I got home I took care of a few chores and then left to go visit my in-laws. As I walked out the door I saw a young dog sitting on the sidewalk. I called out to him, to see if he was friendly. He ran up to me, tail wagging, and nudged my hand. It was dark out and I couldn’t see anyone around. I followed him around outside for a few minutes, yelling out to see if anyone was around. I went inside my home to put my cats in a room. Chloe went ballistic and tore my arm up, scratching me no less than 5 times, each about 3 inches long. Ouch. I quickly went back outside and found the dog, sitting on my porch. I then took him inside my home and tried to get a better look at him. He was clean, his paws weren’t too muddy, and was very well tempered. I attached a leash and collar I had laying around and went back out to look for his owner. I came across an older gentleman, named Bill, who lives in the building next to my own. Bill said that there was a woman who had a black dog who lived a few blocks down. The dog and I walked past a few houses and knocked on the door or what we hoped to be home for this dog. A woman answered the door and I introduced myself. She was staring at the dog the whole time. I asked her if she knew who’s dog this was. She replied,”That’s Freddie! I know this dog.” I asked if she could tell me who the owner was. “Freddie is my dog!” Sure enough Freddie apparently jumped the fence and went wandering. Case closed.

However, this made me think a bit about fate. Are somethings meant to be? Was I suppose to be late getting home? Was I suppose to leave the condo right at the time i did? Had I left a few minutes earlier, or later, I most likely wouldn’t have seen the dog. Why did I spend an hour in the dark, cold, night looking for this dogs owner? I can’t believe it’s fate or destiny. But perhaps it’s something like karma. I did a good deed and that will reflect strongly against my character. Now that I can believe.