36d9 Picture-taking, Radio-playing, Call-making Phone at Chris Koerner

Picture-taking, Radio-playing, Call-making Phone

My previous cell phone comes from the era of New Radicals and the Y2K scare. It was definitely time to upgrade to something new. I was holding out on picking up something that would take decent photos and have a better battery life than my old phone.

I think I’ve found the best phone that does all the above at a reasonable price. The Sony Ericson w810i. It has a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera, an FM radio and MP3 player. It syncs beautifully with my Mac and takes the same memory format as my PSP. (Memory Stick Duo)

I wanted to have a small camera that I could take with me when I was out and about to capture the interesting things I see. I’ll be updating my flickr page with photos from my camera. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

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