Christopher L. Koerner



Technology is something everyone can understand with the right explanation. My passion is empowering others to do more and go farther with technology.

I enjoy an atmosphere where creativity and continual learning are appreciated. I look forward to growth opportunities and personal development. My personality is well suited to positions where commitment to the end-user is critical.

Career Experience

Wikimedia Foundation
Community Liaison – Discovery | January 2016 – Current

  • Developing…

Data Analytics & Engineering – Lead Business Solutions Analyst | Feb 2013 – January 2016

I worked on the Data Analytics & Reporting team inside of MTS, the IT department for Mercy. Here’s a few things I’ve been part of.

  • Lead a large-scale wiki-based collaboration and documentation effort.
  • Evangelized ‘open by default’ as an approach to collaboration across technical and non-technical co-workers.
  • Support and assist growth of wiki documentation by providing training to co-workers, upgrading system capabilities, involving co-worker feedback into decision-making, and continued growth of the wiki platform.
  • Work with developers on the data analytics and reporting team to help provide documentation and communication of our various systems, processes, and projects.
  • Developed and administered the collaborative “Measure Compendium” for Quality and Safety allowing for increased transparency and rapid dissemination of performance metric/measure knowledge across the ministry.
  • Leveraged open-source and freely available technologies to improve documentation efforts around key performance measures and the visual representations of the data via dashboards.
  • Started, and continue to support, a monthly internal newsletter around data management, analytics, and reporting topics to help better communicate projects, awards, initiates, and other sundry around the work we do.
  • Established data visualization (via web-based dashboards and reports) user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) standards.
  • Created standard templates, color palettes, and data visualization best practices.
  • Assisted in establishing standard workflow procedures around data visualization efforts.
  • Produced a seven-part series of videos to educate co-workers on the core strategies for our team.

Enterprise Architecture – IT Architect | 2011 – Feb 2013

This was the position I was originally hired for back in 2011. It was a great opportunity to develop my understanding of healthcare and collaboration across the various services Mercy offers. I was able to work on a lot of great things. Here’s a few.

  • Developed strategy for the domains of enterprise content and collaboration – a first for the organization.
  • Worked with Mercy leadership to pilot and test modern collaboration and communication methods – beyond email.
  • Managed a project to establish a crowd-sourced feedback and idea management solution for internal services.
  • Advised internal IT communication team to develop a smart strategy of content creation and syndication.
  • Assisted migration from multiple ad-hoc intranets across organization to a more robust information workplace.
  • Enhanced learning of internal systems with dynamic presentation delivery and design-focused methodology.
  • Defined scope of knowledge management within IT department to help modify behavior and assist with on-boarding.
  • Established relationships with business leaders to help better align the strategy of business domains and IT.
  • Helped prepare grant proposals for data mining workflows for optimization. Abstract accepted to HIMSS Spring 2012.

Saint Louis University
Division of Student Development – Web Project Coordinator | 2008 – 2011

  • Collaborated with division leadership to migrate division and departmental content into a central enterprise content management system (CMS).
  • Managed existing content and developed new content, hierarchy and organization within the CMS.
  • Trained new users and provided support for the CMS.
  • Collected and analyzed reports regarding traffic statistics to determine success of online campaigns.
  • Developed and maintained the student news and event resource called SLU Connection.
  • Managed the development of the Saint Louis University iPhone App.
  • Contributed to the 2010 redesign of the Saint Louis University web presence.
  • Developed the first online prayer-book, which became the first printed version in over 12 years.
  • Developed various interactive tools for the undergraduate student community such as quizzes, polls, GPA calculators.
  • Technical advisor to both the student run radio station (KSLU) and TV station (SLU-TV).
  • Provided annual web strategy training to student leadership to further strengthen their web presence.
  • Technical and creative manager of the student staffed video production team called the Student Media Production Team.

Saint Louis University
John Cook School of Business – Web/IT Coordinator | 2007 – 2008 

  • Maintained all web services for the JCSB including 300+ page website.
  • Created and shared web policies and procedures for University-wide CMS.
  • Worked with Marketing and Communications to develop new CMS schemas for implementation across campus.
  • Chaired JCSB Web Committee and kept key administrative staff abreast of on-going web activities.
  • Developed strong Search Engine Optimization techniques for the Business School utilizing tools such as Google Analytics and proper metadata implementation.

Educational Sales – Campus Representative | 2004 – 2006

  • Demonstrated and promoted Apple products on the campus of Saint Louis University.
  • Lead a site-specific marketing campaign for a $3.8 million account for Q1.
  • Generated $540k in retail sales for December.
  • Exhibited excellent public speaking skills while demonstrating Apple technology to students.
  • Organized and hosted meetings with members of the SLU academic community.
  • Created and executed creative events on campus to increase product visibility.


Bachelor of Communication – Saint Louis University

Associate of Arts – Theatre – Jefferson College


I have a strong IT and Marketing/Communication background with exemplary success in understanding the goals and focus of marketing and communication and how technology can support those visions.

I value user-centric design and systems that have a tight integration between visual design, user interface and technological platforms.

I believe a successful project lies not only in the right process, people, and technology, but also in the evangelization and advocacy with the customer. Working as partners who together can create a better solution than if we worked in silos.

I have learned that communication is not just a unique skill, but the one that is often sacrificed when budgets and timelines are short. I’m a reflective thinker that would rather launch positive incremental improvements than a large ill-received solutions. The best path to success is in clear, thoughtful, dialog.

I love content management systems and how they can empower anyone to create and share information. I’ve done it all – from designing, configuring, using, supporting, and education of systems such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Ingeniux. I’m also an avid developer of Semantic Mediawiki-based solutions and love the power it gives in organizing and finding information.

On the web content creation side I have mastery of languages such as HTML, CSS and XML with a touch of JavaScript and PHP. I enjoy using Coda for development work, but am comfortable in front of a basic text editor or command line.

My design software toolset consists of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects), Final Cut Studio, and Lightroom for photography workflows. I have a strong understanding of color theory, photography composition, typography best practices, and other design-focused skills.

For daily office and communication duties I’m well versed in the power of solutions such as Google Apps, Google Analytics, IRC, MailChimp, Microsoft Office, and Slack.

I often use various tools online to share and communicate with others: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc. I personally use these tools and have a good understanding of how they can be used by organizations to further their goals and mission.

I have experience maintaining Linux, Unix, and Windows servers to provide network and web-accessible services. Examples include technologies such as Apache, IIS, memcached, MySQL,  node.js, and PHP.


Volunteer Experience

St. Louis Pet Rescue ( – Marketing  and Technology Officer | 2009 – Current

I help manage the web presence, marketing, and growth of St. Louis Pet Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit founded by my wife, the current president of the organization.


St. Louis WordPress Community – Co-Organizer | Dec 2012 – Current

I help organize and host the St. Louis WordPress Meetup group. We have two monthly meetings: one for general topics and one more developer focused. I host the former and often present on various topics. We also organize a yearly conference called WordCamp that invites over 250 people to present and learn more about the WordPress ecosystem.


MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group – Member | August 2014 – Current

A Mediawiki user group of collaborators who have a passion for making MediaWiki more approachable for third-party usage. As of this writing, we’re starting to develop a plan to better understand the requirements and approach to better collaborate with third-party wiki administrators and their communities.


Personal Timeline

2016 – Left the wonderful people at Mercy to forge into unknown territory with remote work and yet-another-non-profit-organization.
Traveled to Montreal for the second time. What a great city!
Went to NYC for the first time! Stayed with cool people in Brooklyn and walked all over Manhattan.

2015 – Co-organized and presented at WordCamp St. Louis 2015.
Organized and presented at SMWCon Spring 2015.
Attended the Wikimedia Hackathon in Lyon, France in late May on a scholarship from Wikimedia France.
Presented at WordCamp Kansas City 2015 in June.
Attended and presented at Wikimania 2015 in July.
Attended and presented at SMWCon Fall 2015 in October.

2014 – Co-organized and presented at WordCamp St. Louis 2014.
Traveled to SMWCon in Montreal in May to present and attend.
Family vacation to Florida in June and South Dakota in late July.
Welcomed our second child in September!

2013 – Went to PAX East in Boston with my family.

2012 – Went to Seattle & Portland for our belated honeymoon. My wife quit her job to finish her PhD!

2011 – Left Saint Louis University after 9 years and started a new career as an Enterprise Architect at Mercy while my daughter started kindergarten. Traveled to Indianapolis, Boston and Tulsa, OK and Rogers, AR.

2010 – Went to Seattle, learned a lot about CSS, javascript and how awesome 4-year-olds are.

Published the first iPhone app for Saint Louis University.

2009 – Worked on some cool projects at work and with my wife, didn’t get to travel.

2008 – Co-authored a technical paper for SIGUCCS and presented it in Portland, OR at their Fall Conference.

2007Heartland Delta V delegate for Saint Louis University.

2006My first daughter was born & I graduated from SLU.

2004 – Married my beautiful and talented wife.

1981 to 2003 – Lots of embarrassing personal development.

1981 – Began existing.